#Riot messenger users,

Would it be fair to call Riot a federated alternative to Slack?


@switchingsocial No,Matrix is a federated alternative to Slack.Riot is only a very popular client for it but there are also many other clients.The protocol is called Matrix.

@nipos @switchingsocial one can develop a Matrix client that doesn't look like Slack. It can even be totally unrelated to instant messaging. But Riot is the Matrix client that can be an alternative to Slack.



It's also pretty much the only one supporting e2e encryption. Which with federation becomes extra important


@nipos @switchingsocial

Doesn't have the same features, wouldn't call that a chat system, but also it's crypto never failed on me as bad as riot has. I'm sure there are people with very different experiences there though.

Also there is not one group doing email, there is practically just one organisation behind matrix and riot.

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