@dev Hey there,I'm planning to replace my blog at a free blog hosting service with a selfhosted microblog.pub installation but I wanted to try it out locally on my computer before and I'm experiencing some problems.The first steps in your installation guide work fine except that "make css" doesn't exist but Docker is causing problems.The poussetaches Image isn't available and the Docker container doesn't start without it.I tried removing the poussetaches dependency,then it works but some pages are buggy now.Do you have any idea how to get poussetaches to work?

@nipos@social.avareborn.de Hey, I would a wait a bit, I'm working on a setup wizard that streamline everything these days !


@dev Thanks for the quick response πŸ‘ It won't be so easy for me anyway as I'll fork it and do heavy modifications to make it fit better into the rest of my website.The setup wizard will be great for many others who just need a simple blog but I like modifying stuff and do my own things πŸ˜‰ Any idea how I can get poussetaches to work?That's everything left to make it fully functional.

@nipos@social.avareborn.de There's a task for it in the Makefile: make poussetaches should do the job of building and tagging the container.

@dev Thank you very much for your help!Getting poussetaches to work correctly is a bit tricky but I got it to work now πŸ˜ƒ

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