Poll support is here!


@dev Nice feature but there seems to be a bug.It shows 23 votes on the public post page on your instance but my Mastodon instance knows only the one vote I gave.In the Mastodon polls implementation,all votes are sent to all participants and that's the only way how it makes sense.In the current implementation all participants from other instances get wrong results.Pleroma has the same bug btw.

@nipos@social.avareborn.de You should have a refresh button to get the "federated" results. On my test mastodon.social account, it shows the right results.

And, unlike Pleroma (at least for now), microblog.pub is sending/pushing a final Update with the results (Mastodon is spamming with Update, I don't want to implement that, so it sends only 1 final update).

And the backend will also fetch results from the object directly at the end of the poll for implementations that does not send updates.

But of course, I discovered some bugs and not everything's working as expected, so I am working on fixing that.

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