@lanodan Hello,I'm the Halcyon developer and I've seen that you requested the full post in the Gitlab issue.I'm writing from here because 500 chars won't be enough.The original post was but I assume you don't understand German so I'll translate it for you.
There's a problem with OAuth at Pleroma and I can't find a solution.No matter what I try,I always get the error message "Unlisted redirect_uri" when I append force_login=False to the OAuth URL of Pleroma (Note: Normal Halcyon instances do not set force_login=False and then Pleroma will redirect to my redirect_uri without giving an OAuth code which results in seeing a blank white page in Halcyon).I've already checked multiple times that the URL is exactly the same.I tried it some times with and some times without urlencode but it all didn't help.Another weird thing: If I copy the address from the network log,add force_login=False and hit enter,I see the "Unlisted redirect_uri" but if I load the same page again by clicking in the address bar and hitting enter without doing anything else,the error message is gone.If I try logging in with the webclient which always adds force_login=False,I see the same error message so I think it isn't a bug in Halcyon.When trying to log in to Mastodon instances,I don't see any errors.Do you know what could cause this problem or have any idea how to solve that?

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