Daily reminder that is literally and by using it,you directly support an evil surveillance company through the "anonymized" ads it embeds into the results.Additionally they use shitty,manipulated results of Googles algorithms which weight the rules they give to website operators (SEO) over the websites actual content.That's totally fucked up and it's a very bad idea to use it.My recommendations:
- (DE) / (EN) is operated by a German non-profit and it's open source on its own instance.It uses multiple sources for the results which help it staying neutral and it's easy to use,I already recommended it successfully to many not that experienced users
- is open source and available on many small instances hosted by independent admins and uses even more sources which you can select yourself in the settings.There are no ads and no tracking.Also there are many categories in which you can search.Good instances I tested myself are , , and
PS: If you prefer Google results for some absolutely not understandable reasons,you can use it by setting it as the only source in one of the instances.By doing it that way,Google won't get money and you won't see any ads.
I'm doing this because of many wrong answers in Kuketz Blogs search engine survey and I'm doing it in English because it's important for everyone.

@punkirratia That's one I should have mentioned as a recommendation,too.I really like it 👍 It cares about privacy and is completely independent from the big US companies.Their search results are pretty good,especially when you think about the fact that they only have a few own servers to crawl the web and no giant crawler network like Google or Bing.I can totally recommend that.

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