oh my god i missed >2< versions on halcyon.. Also I'll update mastodon this evening.

halcyon updated to 2.4.3 including the es_es which apparently includes ga_es ca_es

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@SolSoCoG Thanks for updating 👍 The version 2.4.1 had some really annoying bugs which I fixed in the meantime so it's good to have the newer one.But it's wrong that es_ES includes ga_ES and ca_ES.The must be enabled separately but likely they already are because they have been available for a long time.

@nipos the thing is, I only uncommented es_ES.UTF-8 UTF-8 and saw locale-gen generate ga_ES and ca_ES besides es_ES so I'm pretty sure these are linked together. Possibly to not get the catalan/galician seperatists mad for not being identified as es_ES.


@SolSoCoG I'm pretty sure that you uncommented ga_ES and ca_ES months before because it was already available in previous version and always worked on your instance.

@nipos okay, my search was drunk for a second. You were right. :eichkat3r_hot:

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