@booteille Hey there,I'm using your addon and I really like it but I found one thing to improve.If other websites try to load content,it really loads this content from even if Nitterify is enabled.When I try to open that image directly in a new tab,it gets redirected correctly.It would be really cool if you could make it always automatically redirect to .I know that embeds unfortunately aren't supported currently but if it's only the images or videos,it should work.

@nipos That's weird. It should redirect this kind of content, even on another website. Could you please send me the URL of the website, please?

@booteille In this case it was in my timeline in Halcyon which is not publicly available (see screenshot) but it doesn't redirect images in Twitter embeds of other pages,too.See for example.Also the permissions on the Firefox Addons show that it doesn't have rights to redirect stuff from any other pages than or

@nipos Okay. I see. I am actually integrating #Nitterify to #Invidition. It will be released soon and I'll solve this issue in this new release.

(I created Nitterify only because I had not the time to work on Invidition yet.)

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