- has unfortunately blocked many instances so that they don't work anymore.I hope they will work again soon.In the meantime please use other instances which still work and do *not* access directly because that would show Google that their plan works.I clicked through the instance list on and here are the instances which still work:
- qklhadlycap4cnod.onion
- fz253lmuao3strwbfbmx46yu7acac2

@nipos If only there was a way to monetize a #peertube instance. Then some community members could start some without having to pay the possibly gigantic costs from their own pockets.

@stevenroose There already is the possibility to create a account and collect donations.There's also the possibility to add a donation banner that links to Liberapay like we did on .And every Peertube content creator can link to their own Liberapay account in the video descriptions.I think that's the best solution.If Peertube instances start to embed tons of ads and trackers,why would they be better than Youtube then?

@nipos I'm not saying that ads are the solution. And sadly charging for content is also not something that will work, the big internet companies played that card smart.
Donations might work. The problem is that if I get linked from the #Fediverse to another #peertube instance for every video link I click, I won't be donating to all of them. And if the video is embedded, I'm not even aware what instance it's on.

@stevenroose That's true.Most people won't donate just for viewing stuff anonymously.But if people have an account and upload their own content,there's a good change that they will also consider donating to their instance admin.

That explains why videos stopped playing

@Sentry Most instances should have been fixed for quite some weeks.Luckily the Invidious developer found a workaround which seems to work for most instances.

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