With this and AMP, Google is gradually erasing the line between googling something and actually visiting a website...


@Gargron Well,that's the reason why nobody should use Google.It has ever been evil and bad but gets worse every few weeks 🤢 Some alternatives (I think you know them,but also for others reading this...)
- metager.de - Non-profit,hosted in Germany,no data collection
- github.com/asciimoo/searx - Open source,self hosted,no data collection
- mojeek.com - Independ,no data collection,has Mastodon account
- qwant.com - Hosted in France,no data collection,has Mastodon account
- swisscows.com - Hosted in Switzerland,no data collection

@nipos Just wondering since you didn't mention it - is anything wrong with Duckduckgo? Seems like the most widespread and accurate alternative to me.

@kbit Well,it's from the United States which have surveillance by NSA and similar things as well as the patriot act which requires them to give all data to the government if requested.But if they really do not collect the data,they can't hand it over...I'm not sure if I want to trust them but there are worse options so if you're happy with DuckDuckGo,there's no important reason to move away.

@nipos True, operated in the EU would be preferrable.

@nipos Nice list of alternative search engines. Have sitting them all on my home screen now. They all could give some extra love to their mobile phone home screen icon. It’s a detail, but it makes a difference.

@hansup I just checked that for MetaGer and you're partially right.The favicon file at metager.de/favicon.ico is quite big so that it shouldn't look too bad when used as shortcut but the apple-touch-icon meta tags are missing and they should define the bigger icons normally.

@nipos mojeek and quant icon are ok, but swisscows could change background of their black cow to white instead of dark grey. Anyways it won’t stop me from using these engines. Su much better than the google malware.

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