I've been on for years but since there are so many new people these days,I think it's time for a again.
- I live in Boxberg, Germany and post in German or in English
- I work at C+C Grossmarkt,a supermarket where you can buy bigger amounts of stuff.
- I love free software and try to help where I can,I also have many own projects
- My biggest project is @halcyon - A Mastodon and client which looks like the and is therefore easy to use for you if you have just moved.Infos:
- Another of my projects is - A extension which allows you to block the biggest cloud providers with a single click.Download:
- I post most stuff about which is a topic that is very important for me but also some funny stuff,some politics stuff or whatever I feel I should post about
- I'm a co-admin at @ggc_project - A service which hosts many free software services you can use for free
- I'm also a co-admin of @riotchatde - A public instance you can use for free.It's like but cares about privacy and can be used anonymously.

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