Es geht ja langsam auf Weihnachten zu... Gibt es eine gute FLOSS Alternative zum Amazon #Wunschzettel? Gerne auch selbst gehostet.
Bin dankbar für jeden Tipp 😃

Hi Fediverse,

@edi is asking for a FLOSS alternative for Amazon Wishlists, as we are heading towards Christmas 🎅

Does anyone have a suggestion? 🙂

@theprivacyfoundation @wishlephant @edi @switchingsoftware @sandzwerg Wishlephant is NOT open source,NOT free software and does NOT respect your privacy! 👎 It embeds third-party shit from Amazon CloudFront and some tracking shit hosted at Google Cloud 🤢 It's absolutely not worth a recommendation.Please don't use that.

@nipos @theprivacyfoundation @edi @switchingsoftware @sandzwerg we don’t host anything on amazon oder google cloud. We have bugsnag as only(!) external library. Everything else is hosted by us. Sorry that you are somehow offended by our service, but we really try our best to protect your privacy. Also: parts of the code already is open source and we patched and send things to upstream to libraries we use.

@wishlephant @sandzwerg @switchingsoftware @edi @theprivacyfoundation Oh,well,there's really not one tracker,there are two of them.Thanks for the hint.For everyone else: I marked it in a screenshot of the source code.Seriously,just go fuck yourself and don't advertise here as a privacy friendly service.

@nipos @wishlephant @sandzwerg @switchingsoftware @edi

The desire to protect user #privacy seems to be there by Wishlephant, Niklas.

Yet, trackers and platforms undermine that goal, Wishlephant.

Maybe there can be some practical guidance by the community to help find alternatives to tracking pixels and platforms that may not respect privacy?

The hope is that the polarity of these comments can be bridged to develop better practices which mitigate #privacy and #infosec risk.

@theprivacyfoundation @edi @switchingsoftware @sandzwerg @wishlephant No,there's absolutely no desire to protect the privacy.I already discussed those problems with the admin many weeks ago and recommended some open source softwares which could act as a acceptable alternatives but they were not willing to try out any of that.And I was more friendly and helpful back than but now I know that they simply not care and therefore the service shouldn't be used.

@nipos @theprivacyfoundation @edi @switchingsoftware @sandzwerg I cannot see the screenshot, it is damanged. BUT: the software only loads 1 externa thing, that is bugsnag. And for user tracking I use a self hosted version of fathom. Fathom respects do not track and only tracks minimal informations. Nothing to identify a user. I already explained that to him several times. But as he demonstrated he is just a very angry person. I really don't want to invest more time into conversations with him.

@wishlephant @sandzwerg @switchingsoftware @edi @theprivacyfoundation I'm not angry normally but tracking shit which promises privacy makes me angry.Even Fathom needs opt-in to be GDPR compliant but Bugsnag is the worse thing.You should NEVER give private information to third-partys,no matter what your reasons are.Remove it or I'll keep calling your website what it is: Tracking shit which is in no way better than Amazon and should not be used 👎

@nipos @sandzwerg @switchingsoftware @edi @theprivacyfoundation the saddest thing about this is that your own blog loads stuff from more outside sources than wishlephant does. Most of your projects do.

@wishlephant @theprivacyfoundation @edi @switchingsoftware @sandzwerg Nope,it only loads code from which is my own server.The other domains are only for automatically embedded preview images of links.There's no code loaded from them and there is no data sent to them.And with the other projects you mean the forums,right?Yes,they're shit.One will be completely closed soon and I'm working on replacing the other one with a own phpBB installation.Forumotion was a mistake.

@nipos Sadly you are super angry about me, but still lack a lot of knowledge about tracking and how it works somehow. You load images and other things from a lot of third parties. Loading images means sending data about your browser to that third party. So you are spreading data to more companies with your blog than I do with my integration of bugsnag. I plan to replace them with sentry. But it really looks strange to me that you are super mad about me but have a different standard to yourself.


@wishlephant Using javascript trackers you can send much more information than with a picture.Sure,they can collect some basic browser data but that's all.They can't collect what users are doing on the website.But if you finally replace Bugsnag with Sentry,I'll be happy.Why do I always need to get angry to make things change? 🙄 But please self-host your Sentry instance then.The flagship instance is also on Google Cloud.

@nipos This is the basic form of tracking on your pages. They can get the url and lots of browser data. With that third parties have enough to track you through the net. Again: you still don't understand tracking. "sure, that is all" is the worst thing you as a "privacy protector" could say. This is getting really funny to me now. I, the person you said has no clue about privacy, still has to explain you how tracking works 🙈.

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