The problem with .org being sold to a private company and likely getting much more expensive shows once again why fundamental services of the internet shouldn't be owned by a single person or company.The DNS system as it currently exists totally sucks.It relies on so many centralized providers from registrar to the DNS servers you as a client are using.So what's the solution?I think we should all use Tor more.It's much more then just DNS but obviously it solves all problem regular DNS has with a distributed network.First of all,Onion domains are free for everyone.You can just generate them on your machine,no need to buy them.Secondly,there's no need for DNS servers,neither for running your website nor on client side for accessing websites.Another point is that DynDNS is already included in Tor,it doesn't care if your server IP ever changes,it just keeps working.So we ditch another third-party at this point and everyone can run their server at home easily.We also don't need SSL certificates anymore.When using Tor,even HTTP (without the S) requests to Onion domains are encrypted - Without having to buy a certificate at a company which might want 100 dollars or more from you.It could all be so easy.Let's just kill the clearnet and move over to a free,open and secure internet.

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