#CloudFlare is now hitting the archive.org wayback machine with the same #CAPTCHA as #Tor users, thus censoring history too.

@resist1984 One reason more to use Cloudflare.The wayback machine keeps data from all websites forever.Maybe it's interesting history for some public information but they also save social media,forums,everyone you ever wrote with no way to delete it.That's pure evil.

Whether your dislike of the Wayback machine is justified or not -- putting them behind access restrictions like this only limits access by people who care about privacy, and disabled people -- hardly "just dessert"


@Mr_Teatime @resist1984 Nope because I explicitly whitelisted Tor in my Cloudflare settings resulting in Tor users being able to access the site without seeing a shitty Google captcha 😉

@nipos @Mr_Teatime #CloudFlare w/ #Tor whitelisted is even worse, b/c then Tor users don't know they are interacting w/a CF MitM. Tor users then unwittingly support a Tor adversary.

@Mr_Teatime @nipos archive.org does #Tor users a service b/c it helps bypass the #CAPTCHA (if needed) & ensures the target site is not rewarded w/traffic or interaction.

@nipos @Mr_Teatime there is a very useful browser plugin that detects #CloudFlare & automatically redirects to the archive of the page.

@Mr_Teatime @nipos the Firefox plugin that redirects CF sites is called "Block Cloudflare MITM Attack" and is posted here: addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firef. Description is in cyrillic but don't let that scare you off. This plugin will outright block CF sites: gitlab.com/gkrishnaks/cloud-fi

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