Does anyone in Fediland have any experience using the new Mozilla VPN?

Please boost.

@ScottMortimer You shouldn't use Mozilla services as they don't give a shit about privacy and host all of their stuff on GAFAM clouds.The VPN information page is on Google cloud: and most of their other stuff on Amazon AWS.Mozilla VPN is basically just a reseller of and they do actually care about privacy so I recommend using their service directly.

@nipos @ScottMortimer to follow up on this, what are your thoughts on Firefox Relay? From what I read in the link below it looks like something developed by them, powered by AWS' SES.

@rothair @ScottMortimer I'd never use it.It runs through an service directly provided by Amazon so Amazon absolutely has the possibility to look at the contents of every email.Don't trust Amazon,they're evil 👎

@nipos @ScottMortimer is this something Firefox must accept just by using their services? In all availability zones?


@rothair @ScottMortimer Cleartext emails pass through an proprietary Amazon service so yes,Firefox has to accept this and can't control it.

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