The fact that we can have multiple open source operating systems but not one open source fully fledged browser that is not tied to a company worries me. The web truly has gotten way too complex.


@raichoo Sometimes I wonder what happened with Konqueror and the KHTML rendering engine.Some years ago,it was a solid base that Apple took to create Webkit and then Google took Webkit to create Blink so almost everyone is using KHTML nowadays πŸ€” But I haven't heart about the KHTML or Konquerer project itself for years.That was a fully featured and truly open source and free software browser which was developed by KDE e.V.,a non-profit.And it's actually the only real free software browser I can think of πŸ˜• Another browser that isn't that bad is Pale Moon but I think it still heavily depends on upstream fixes from Mozilla πŸ˜•

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