I made a thing! 🎉

It's a browser extension that recommends "better" alternative products and services via in-page popups, based on community-curated lists. Available for all Chromium and Firefox-based browsers.

We live in times where the distributions costs are hampering the adoption of higher-quality (which could mean security, privacy, ethics, local etc) products. I am hoping that this extension can eventually be managed by orgs like IFF, EFF or FSF.


@nilesh I totally like this idea but I have some doubts that this will help that much.It would be great as a built-in feature in a privacy-friendly browser so that it automatically tells you which services you can use instead.But the extension has to be installed by the user.Someone who cares about this topic knows the recommendations already and someone who doesn't care that much won't get the addon.

@nipos If this becomes as well-known and widespread as adblockers like uBlock - which are also opt-in and need to be installed by the user, I'd consider this a success. Among the people who care about this topic, many don't know the alternatives.

And of course, people like us can encourage our friends to install this.

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