What is your principle Fediverse stream?

How do you follow / use The Fediverse / Mastodon?

Boosts appreciated.

@dredmorbius there's a huge UX problem that Mastodon seems to be deliberately ignoring: most people don't want to follow, or discover, random new people. They mostly want to follow their existing circles. That's how most people use social media. Mastodon makes it impossible to find the people you already know without you asking each of them for their fediverse handles.

That's something I'm aiming to solve with #Smithereen. (I'm writing from a Mastodon instance because I don't support polls yet)


@grishka @dredmorbius I really like the possibility to find random new people.With the public timelines I can discover new content easily and start having good talks in the fediverse without having known anyone before.

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