@Mojeek These "fines" will never stop these giants...unfortunately. Their motivation to make a profit is way more powerful.

@tio @Mojeek Everyone can do their part for stopping Amazon by simply buying stuff at other companies.While other companies like Facebook and Google mostly profit by selling our data in the background,Amazon earns a very big part of its money directly from us when we order things there.But there's no reason to do so,great alternatives exist.In Germany,I really like real.de which has almost as much stuff as Amazon,but doesn't do shady stuff.They belong to Schwarz group,Germanys third-largest food retailer.For other countries,just have a look at the websites of the local shops there.Unfortunately I don't know a international trading platform I could recommend without any bad feelings.

@nipos @Mojeek en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schwarz_… - I doubt they are better... Lidl has a monopoly when i comes to their stores. They make products and own the shelf, so it is impossible for any small company to compete with them. It is also paying people very poorly and overworks them, like amazon does... I still think any business is "bad". They are incentivized to make more profits. They can't afford otherwise. And Amazon was a small book selling shop in the later 90s. I bet many said the same about them: buy from them they are a small company and sell books and seem honest. Given a few years time, every business will be corrupted....

@tio @Mojeek They have no monopoly.I see the small number of very big food retailers as a problem,too,but there's also Rewe,Edeka,Aldi,Norma,Tegut and maybe some others I forgot.Yes,they make their own products but every of the other companies I mentioned do the same.Lidl and Kaufland are paying more to their salespersons than the other companies.I agree that there's a risk that they'll become evil,too but for now I don't think they are.Amazon is the leader of modern slavery and also does surveillance of basically everyone with their Alexa.Almost everything is a better option than Amazon.

@nipos @Mojeek If we compare others to amazon then sure, these "others" might be better just because amazon is so bad, but monopolies form in every domain in this world. I made this tool based on the book I recommended above, www.tromsite.com/tbf/ - Schwarz_Gruppe dominates the supermarket industry in europe already.

@tio @Mojeek Schwarz dominates but there are still alternatives so there's no monopoly.I normally don't go to Lidl and Kaufland stores but online,real.de is a really good Amazon clone which isn't as evil.And I think they have less then one per cent market share online.

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