Nutzt da etwa immernoch jemand im Jahre 2021? 😲 Oder bietet einfach unglaublich viele Einstellungsmoeglichkeiten,mit denen man sich einfach ein bisschen Feeling auf ein aktuelles System holen kann?Die Aufloesung wird es demnaechst in einem Beitrag bei @gnulinux geben.

This looks amazing! 😂 will try it out just to have some #nostalgia 😁

Is there any English version?
Or maybe simply ready to use KDE theme?

There isn't any English version. But you can translate the article with
Hope that helps
// Joël

@gnulinux @Azt3c ...or use instead,another great open source project about which I wrote some days ago.

@benibela @gnulinux Yes,there are also themes that look like older Windows versions.

@benibela @nipos

Desktop Layout: Redmond Layout
Global Theme: Reactionary
Plasma Style: Reactionary
Colour Scheme: Reactionary (Storm)

@gnulinux @nipos Did I install it right?

The scrollbars are wrong. They should have up/down buttons at the end (other programs got the right ones, Dolphin, but not the menu or Firefox). And somehow it feels slower than the default layout

@benibela @gnulinux The start menu does not have customizable scrollbars.And Mastodon has its own scrollbar style which is displayed instead of the system scrollbars.Try it on a site with a more basic style like Wikipedia instead.If it's wrong there,too then you only have the right KDE/Qt style but you also need a GTK style.

we also have an article about how to make tromjaro (our customized version of manjaro) look like windows 10/xp/95… :D - but we're using gnome and not plasma^^
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