@valere I agree that it wasn't the right choice to wait for federation.We could have done it much faster ourselves so we would already have a fully working software now.The problem was that Dansup said it's nearly finished and he'll release it in a few weeks when our project startet.Then he postponed it again and again.In that situation it wouldn't have made sense to write everything again ourselves.Now it makes even less sense as it's announced for in two weeks.

If the release date won't be postponed again,we can finally start our work on the 17th October 2018.We took this chance to create a first blog article informing about what we want to do,why we do it and the big differences to PixelFed.It's not all but the biggest things.We noticed that the interest in this software increased again in within the last weeks so we thought the article makes sense now.Read it here: nikisoft.myblog.de/nikisoft/ar

@noorul @saturno As the interest for Pixelfork has increased extremely within the last few days,we'll soon publish a big blog post with all the details.Unluckily we'll also have to keep our biggest feature ideas closed until we've released them.If they leak,Dansup will steel them again like he's already done with the progressive webapp and the federated timeline.Obviously he only cares about community feedback if we've already announced to do what people want.

@noorul @saturno There are other bad things.Well,we already have some things noted down what we want to improve but I don;'t want to scroll through weeks of chat history now.One bigger example I still remember is paid subscriptions.That sucks!We're in a free and open network here and why should anyone be forced to pay for the service?!Donations work great for Mastodon and will be great for Pixelfork,too.Also jQuery (easy JS library) is removed by dansup not by us.

@saturno @noorul not really working, but you have to ask dansup why...

By j.r

@noorul @saturno the problem is we want to wait for the federation support

By j.r

@AntoineD I think we will keep it, but wee need to talk about this internally...

(Written by j.r)

@fj If we think that a new feature of Pixelfed makes sense and is FOR the users,not against them,we'll merge that into PixelFork but we'll also create many own features using wishes from the community or own ideas.I don't think it will be that close to Pixelfed but also not completely separate.

@PhieLaidMignon For Pixelfed that's unfortunately true but because we dislike that fact very much PixelFork will have an federated timeline.The federated timeline is a very important part of the fediverse which makes it easy to discover new people.The federated timeline is one of the first things we'll create.

@joel_olbrich @7usr7local PixelFork will not integrate any proprietary tracking tools.We won't even make it an optional feature.There won't be any code which prevents instance admins from integrating it themselves but we won't encourage them to do so in any way.Instead we will give the possibility of optionally enabling some selfhosted,directly integrated captcha tools which don't send anything to third partys.

Hello world!This is the official project account of ,an fork made by @nipos with more focus on free and open software.We'll mainly take things from the official source but improve it.The biggest differences will be the availability of a federated timeline and that analytics/insights shit will be removed.The repository is on notabug.org/pixelfork/pixelfor on NotABug,an open code platform.The project starts when federation comes to PixelFed.


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