@kromonos The first part where you talk about a technology forum somehow reminds me of CwCity 😍 It was the first forum where I was very active...and also the last πŸ˜• The community was great,everyone wanted to help,some people promoted interesting hobby websites.I still miss it.It was part of a free webhosting service.Their webhosting wasn't good so I moved to another hoster soon but I kept active in the forum until they shut their whole platform down.I never found such a great place again 😒 Maybe your new project will be my new CwCity.I totally need a cool technology and developers forum again,but with friendly people and much activity.The only thing I really dislike is the plan to keep the IP addresses.But there's Tor,so... maybe I can go down to 2 days off storage. But I really need the IP, when it comes hard on hard. When it goes like the old forum, I can disable it completely.

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